Outsourcing your CCO requirements to ACA can help you grow with regulatory confidence

Mitigate risks and lower expenses

The ACA OCCO solution helps investment advisors and private fund managers that want to focus on investments and manage client relationships while understanding the criticality of the compliance function. An ACA OCCO can help mitigate risks while providing independent best practices from the leading GRC firm in the U.S.  Our team of professionals, which includes former in-house CCOs, will customize our services to meet your specific needs.

When you hire ACA as your OCCO, you are getting more than just a CCO.  You are getting a team of compliance experts with years of experience supporting the CCO in performing such tasks as marketing review, email review, code of ethics reporting, and much more. Our senior experienced consultants have the skills required to interpret rules, draft policies, manage an SEC exam and handle many higher-level challenges facing your firm.