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Key Takeaways

The FCA’s 2022/23 Business Plan and Three-Year Strategy


The FCA recently published a three-year Strategy setting out how it aims to improve outcomes for UK consumers and markets. This was released alongside the FCA’s 2022/23 Business Plan, which details the actions to be taken by the FCA over the next twelve months in support of this Strategy.

Setting the Business Plan in the context of its longer-term Strategy is not the only innovation this year. The FCA has also abandoned it previous sectoral approach in favour of cross-sector focus points and desired outcomes applicable to regulated firms. This new format makes it harder to identify or deduce actions that may affect specific types of firms or sectors. 

Download our key takeaway summary to learn more about:

  • The importance of referring to the Regulatory Initiatives Grid to help contextualise the Strategy and Business Plan 
  • The overarching themes in this year’s Business Plan
  • More detailed themes within each focus area
  • FCA budget and consultation on fees


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