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Operational Resilience: Untangling Business Continuity, Disaster Recovery & Incident Response

Join us for a live discussion August 4, 2022 at 1:00 PM ET when we will discuss the concept of operational resilience, how it relates to business continuity planning, disaster recovery, and incident response, and what it means for the future of cyber programs.

August 4th, 2022 10am PT | 1pm ET | 6pm BST Your Desk!

Regulators increasingly expect organizations to establish operational resilience frameworks to ensure they can weather critical business disruptions. However, because many operational resilience regulations are still emerging (such as the European Union’s Digital Operational Resiliency Act and the SEC’s proposed cybersecurity rules), the complete scope of operational resilience can feel unclear.

Key learning objectives:

  • Define operational resilience and its scope
  • Explore the concepts of operational resilience, business continuity planning, disaster recovery, and incident response
  • Highlight what operational resilience means for the future of cyber programs


Mike Pappacena

Mike Pappacena

Partner, ACA Aponix

Liam Jaris

Liam Jaris

Manager of Client Development, ACA Aponix

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