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Private Markets Quarterly Update

Q3 2021

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This update will cover:

  • Chairman Gensler Signals an Increase in Scrutiny & Regulation of Private Markets Fund Industry
  • Noteworthy Recent Trends in SEC Examinations and Enforcement Actions
  • How Does Recent Guidance on Principal and Cross Trades Apply to Real Estate and Private Equity Advisers?
  • Compliance Considerations for Fund Managers Sponsoring SPACs
  • The FCA Clears the Way for Potentially Greater SPAC Issuance
  • A Practical Guide to Marketing Investment Performance Under the SEC’s New Marketing Rule
  • Practical Tips on How Private Fund Managers Can Enhance their Side Letter Management Processes Amidst Increase in Regulatory and Investor Scrutiny
  • Notable Industry Developments
  • EU Cross Border Fund Distribution Directive and Regulation - Raises More Questions than it Answers?
  • Cybersecurity Developments