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Compliance is Easier Than You Think:
The Real Estate Manager's Path to Compliance with the Global Investment Performance Standards (GIPS®)

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2020 GIPS Compliance for Real Estate Managers

While real estate firms targeting institutional dollars have likely heard of the GIPS standards, a focus on core business activities often takes precedence and these firms are often unable to find the time or resources necessary to learn the intricacies and the potential benefits of the GIPS standards that can be gained. As SEC registered firms assess the impact of the new SEC Marketing Rule to their current practices, firms may find GIPS compliance to be a good way to manage those key changes. 

In the current real estate investment environment, many firms want to understand the core components of the GIPS standards before committing the resources needed to attain compliance. Firms that already claim compliance seek to mitigate the risk of becoming noncompliant. This paper provides useful information for both objectives.