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GIPS® Committees & Working Groups:
A Review of Standard Practices

This white paper answers the most commonly asked questions regarding GIPS Committees and working groups and provides insights into best practices and industry trends for organizations of all sizes.

Claiming compliance with the GIPS standards requires involvement from multiple divisions of a firm’s organization. Generally, a claim of compliance impacts the performance, compliance, and marketing divisions at a minimum, and potentially other divisions, too. GIPS Committees are a helpful tool to ensure oversight at the firm level. A committee is meant to facilitate clear lines of communication across divisions, and ultimately to serve as a mechanism to ensure that the firm achieves and remains in compliance with the GIPS standards.

Firms often have many questions related to the construction and implementation of a GIPS Committee. Further, because each firm is unique, there is not a standard, universal way to maintain a committee. Firms of varying sizes and structures will require different committee participants and practices.